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409-123017-1 Craftsman (Sargent made)

This is a Type 6 Sargent plane, but I believe by this time the quality of the craftsman planes has diminished quicker than the Sargents. I have no idea if Sears provided lesser specifications to cut the cost or Sargent did it to cut the cost fro Craftsman, but tuning a Craftsman plane seems much more of a roll of the dice, which the Type 6 Sargent’ need tuning, but its more consistent to the time it takes.


Note this is how it came to me. The previous owner had tried and gave up to flatten the sole.


It took substantial work to get it reasonable flat.

And below we see a before and after of the frog. The frog also took a lot of work to get it flat.


But after the work is done, it’s a decent user plane. If you don’t mind putting in the effort, it will reward you with a good tool.