Trustworthy (Sargent made) #408

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Trustworthy (Sargent made) #408…

This is the same size as a Stanley #3. This plane will make a great user at an extremely reasonable price.

Trustworthy was a brand Sold by Salt lake Hardware Co.  Made by Sargent  c.1950. (ref PTAMPIA)

This is basically a type 6 Sargent #408 with the exception of the Blue frog.

Note the tote has a repair, but the knob and tote still ,maintain their original finish.

Trustworthy (Sargent made) #408Trustworthy (Sargent made) #408Trustworthy (Sargent made) #408Trustworthy (Sargent made) #408DSC_0006DSC_0005