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SARGENT #409 Smoother with Hock Upgrade (MY# #409-112718-1) $180 

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Here is a perfect Sargent #409. I’ve completley restored it, sandblasted, engine enamel, stripped the beautiful mahogany knob and tote and refinished them.

It came to me without a blade or chip breaker, so what a perfect opportunity to add a Hock blade and chipbreaker set. The Hock set is brand new and works right out of the package.

I believe the plane is a very late type 3. It has all of the attributes of a type 4a except for the type 3 base and the 2 piece cutter adjuster, including very nice mahogany.

It has some very light pitting on the sole (see the picture) but like most Sargents, it was already flat, so no need to sand them out.