Sargent Hercules #1409 Smoother

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Sargent Hercules #1409 Smoother

The Sargent Hercules line was an economy line in the 1950s. In my opinion, it’s probably the best economy line plane of the day. They make pretty decent users.

This one has just been lightly cleaned and sharpened. It has some minor pitting and black oxide rust, but will serve someone well and for a decent price.

The oak you see being planed is a piece of gnarly oak that tends to cause some planes to chatter and tear. As you can see, this Hercules is doing a great job of it.

Note fine line of minor pitting about an 1/8″ back from the leading edge of the blade. You may need to grind through it if you get that far, although continued back maintenance may take care of some of it.

(My #1409-122620-1)

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