Stanley #62 Low Angle Bench Plane (My #62-081520-1)


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Stanley #62 Low Angle Bench Plane (My #62-081520-1)  (US Shipping Only) (Shipping is included in Price)

The Stanley #62 has its cutter seated at 12 degrees, an adjustable mouth, and the depth adjustment knob like that found on the other block planes in this series. There are several things to check out on this plane, before purchasing one. Since the cutter is seated so low, and the fact that this is a powerful plane (pushed like an ordinary bench plane), the mouth often chips, especially in the area behind the cutter. You can flip over ten of these plane, and eight of them will be chipped, one will not be chipped but repaired, and the last perfect. You also want to check the side walls of the plane, down where they blend into the heel and toe – these two areas are prone to chipping.

I haven’t done much to this plane. I fixed a cracked rear tote and waxed and oiled everything. I have not even sharpened it. I can if you’d like, but if it’s meant for a collection, it wouldn’t need it.

Note the nick behind the mouth.

The knob and tote has only been waxed.





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