Hand Forged and Welded Bowl Adze (My #A-122018-1)

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Hand Forged and Welded Bowl Adze (My #A-122018-1)   US Shipments Only

After being disappointed with a forged Adze, I decided to make my own. I’ve carved a couple bowls with this adze and enjoyed making it, so I’m going to make some more. The Adze is made from a leaf spring with a welded eye, and has been heat treated for edge retention.

The handle is rived (split, not cut) from air dried Ash. Riving the handle insures the grain continues straight through the eye and adds strength and stability. I’ve left the handle long enough to a leveraged swing but remains balanced, ergonomic and ecstatically pleasing. The handle is finished with several hand rubbed coats of boiled linseed oil (BLO) for ease of care and protection.

Overall this piece is approximately 16 1/2″ long with the handle being approximately 14″ long, make it a somewhat large bowl adze.

It includes a hand stitched leather sheath I also crafted. The leather was salvaged from a beat up English saddle. The stitching is waxed sewing thread.

It comes sharp and ready to use.

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