Hand Crafted Custom Knife with Framed Tang


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A hand crafted drop point hunting and every day carry knife made from 1080 steel. Framed hidden tang construction. Scales are walnut with a brass finger guard. Brass pins. Made in my shop in Upstate New York.

Includes a hand stitched sheath made from re-purposed leather.

My custom made hunting knives are designed and built for everyday use despite their classic allure and beauty. This is the knife you can wear on your side and use daily, or when in the field during your favorite hunting season.

A custom made one-of-a-kind knife is more than a great conversation piece, it’s your go-to knife during your hunting adventures or what you want to use when doing all the household projects that never cease to end.

It’s a piece you will want to show your friends and hunting partners. As with your favorite firearm, you’ll want it in the pictures you take to remember your successful hunts or adventures.

But the knife also needs to do the job. It needs to stay sharp, and be easily returned to sharp when it’s use is tough and rigorous. It’s like a good friend who is always there when you need it most and ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done.