GAGE #4 SMOOTHER (MY# GAGE4-080817-5)


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Gage #4 Smoother (my# Gage4-080817-5) .. (includes US shipping)

This plane is basically as found, but I did sharpen it so I could test it out. It works pretty we just as it sits. It’s in pretty good shape and will make a good user or collection piece.

Note the chip from behind the tote and the chunk gone off the back of the knob.

John Gage was issued his patent No. 323,804 on Aug 4th 1885. The Gage tool Co in Vineland NJ only made a wood based transitional plane. When Stanley bought the company in 1919 they started producing the metallic planes.

This particular plane is a little different than the other Gage planes I’ve seen. It doesn’t look like beech. It’s been suggested it may be apple. Please see the photos and decide for yourself

IMG_20180303_115856669Gage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherIMG_20180303_120704101Gage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherIMG_20180303_120520681IMG_20180303_120335652IMG_20180303_120438081IMG_20180303_120459000IMG_20180303_120511451