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Bedrock #604 Smoother (My #604-090120-11)


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I’ve been using this for several years now. It’s time to switch it out. The Pictures should tell the story. A new tote that I believe is the best looking tote I’ve made to date. I believe the Japanning is original and in great shape.

I typically don’t keep a user to long, I swap them out quit often, as I find others, just to try different planes, but this has probably been with me longer than any other plane I own. I hope I don’t kick myself for letting it go, but I’ve been using the Sargent #410 more and more and I really am trying to downsize.

It’s very unlikely the blade is original, but it’s a Stanley blade that’s working well. I’ve used Hock blades off and on in this plane, and it really doesn’t seem to matter. This plane like either one.

A vintage Bedrock ready for some woodworking.


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