International Shipping from Timetestedtools

Note shipping to any United States address is included in all prices unless specified otherwise.

If you’re interested in a making a purchase and you’re outside the United States, my first recommendation is find someone from the states you plan to visit, or plans to visit you. If that’s not possible, read on.

Note, I DO NOT make the laws, I DON NOT know the laws, AND I DO NOT take responsibility for them.

Keep in mind rosewood and mahogany are on the CITES list as endangered species, and could be confiscated.

If you want me to ship please understand once it’s in my outbound mailbox, it’s yours. The reason I don’t like to ship outside the US is the past issues I’ve had. If you want to take full responsibility for everything and anything once its in my outbound mailbox, I will ship to you.

If the parcel is lost, taxed, stolen or damaged, it’s yours to deal with.

If you’re still ok with that, you can send me a shipping label or to determine a cost go to or and you can calculate a price.

  • select “mail & ship”
  • select “calculate a price”
  • Select your country as a destination
  • For a smoother or jack size box select a medium flat rate box
  • For a fore or Jointer select a large flat rate box
  • This should give you an idea of cost

With question please email me at don at or use the contact form.

If you purchase the item through the site I will invoice the international shipping separate. You can also email me and I will hold the item for a short period of time for a total amount payment.