DUNLAP #4 SMOOTHER (MY# 4DBB-123117-3)

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DUNLAP #4 SMOOTHER (MY# 4DBB-123117-3)


This took a little extra work. The sole was out of flat quit a bit more than average. So was the back of the iron. The blade seems to be of decent quality and once tuned, it is a nice working plane.

Note the pitting in front of the mouth. This doesn’t seem to hurt the performance and the plane works well.

The mouth on this is just slightly out of square. Not enough to really hurt, but noticeable with a square.

We see the typical Millers Falls overspray and the frog seats were painted. A little sandpaper took care of that.

I wouldn’t call these a high quality plane, but with a little work, they can easily become one. This one is tuned and ready to work.

I didn’t go crazy with the cleaning, so there is still a few specks of gunk here and there, and a few minor spots of rust, but it’s in an oil it and go condition if that’s what you choose. If you wish to shine it up, you won’t have a lot of work to do.

The wood is the original hardwood and finish. They are in good shape and have not been cracked or repaired.

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