The Hand Tool Chronicles – Third Edition – Vintage Boring & Drilling Tools With James E. Price

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This is the Third publication of a series of chronicles which will be a Photographic Presentation of Woodworking Hand Tools with descriptions, informative articles and expert opinions. This edition is an a selection of vintage Boring, Drilling, Braces, bits and information from the Jame E. Price collection. James E. (Jim) Price has spent his lifetime as a cultural resource manager. He was a career North American archaeologist for 52 years. Born and raised in a traditional Scots-Irish subsistence lifeway on The Ozark Border in Missouri, he witnessed the use of handtools by many craftsmen prior to the arrival of electrical power to the region. It includes relevant brace and boring tools patented in the 1800’s, craftsman made devices, manufactured tools from the 1750’s forward.

It includes detailed images in full color and Jim’s descriptions and narratives.

This is a must have reference for any Hand tool enthusiast or collector.



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