The Hand Tool Chronicles – The Humble Screwdriver & Turnscrew – Edition 12

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This is the Twelfth publication of a series of chronicles which is a Photographic Presentation of Woodworking Hand Tools with descriptions, informative articles and expert opinions. This edition “The Hand Tool Chronicles – The Humble Screwdriver & Turnscrew Edition No. 12” is a selection of Screwdrivers & Turnscrews from fellow tool enthusiast.

This is a must have reference series for any vintage tool enthusiast or collector or anyone who just likes to sit down with a book like the D’Elia’s Antique Tool Museum book, Warman’s Tool Field Guide, Murland’s Antique Tool Value Guide or any of the hundreds of other tool books and scroll through the thousands of images and descriptions and take in the history, the artistry and the uniqueness of the tools. It also has woodworking processes and techniques explained and shown throughout the issues.


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