William F. Kellett’s Triple Cutting Iron

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William F. Kellett’s Triple Cutting Iron

Sometimes there is more to a tool than initially seen. Case in point – this jack plane by an Unknown maker.

The Plane is 19 1/2″ long with a 2 1/2″ blade.

When you pull the iron from the body, you find something not commonly seen – a three part chipbreaker marked “PATENTED SEP. 16, 1884 SEP. 18, 1894 WM. F. KELLETT CHICAGO, ILLS.”. This is why I love old tools! William F. Kellett held two patents for triple blades. US Patent: 305,393 Granted: Sep. 16, 1884 and US Patent: 526,154 Granted: Sep. 18, 1894.

Here are some as found pictures

Here it is after some minor restoration. This plane will obviously never be able to be restored to a usable state, but the uniqueness and history is well worth saving.

Other examples seen

(My #040324-2)

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