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If you found this article you probably have the same hand tool obsession that has provided income, enjoyment and at times, tranquility for many many generations. You probably also feel the same feeling that I do when I’m working in my shop and enjoying the peace and serenity of hand tool woodworking. The woodworking we do in our shops are our break from the world, it is how we unwind after work, and how we keep our minds and hands active. That, in and of itself, is therapeutic. I can also guarantee, we did not all start with perfect days in our shops, and at times wish we had someone to turn to. 

 There were days of anger, frustration, and “crap, what happened here?”. It is no surprise that woodworking with its complexities and unpredictability’s, is not an easy undertaking to learn. It takes a lot of trial and error, and at times a lot of patience. Most of us probably do not have the funds to take woodworking courses or local friends and neighbors who can just come over and teach us. But, when you learn that new skill and figure out that “what happened here”, you experience that peace. For individuals with a mental health diagnosis or physical disabilities, that peace is sometimes all we can ask for.

 This is why I founded Plane Wellness, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to improve mental wellness through woodworking. We offer affordable woodworking courses to everyone, but the primary focus is for individuals with a mental health diagnosis or physical disabilities, including disabled veterans, who can take our courses for free. We want to share that peace with more people and teach them the skills they need to feel that peace as they woodwork in their shop. We also want people to make connections and friendships that provide healthy social interaction. 

 Our courses are currently being offered over Zoom; however, our goal is to buy land and build a retreat facility. Students could stay on site, woodwork during the day, enjoy meals together, and have campfires at night. We also want to build a museum and event center to host tool meets, craft shows, and other activities to bring people together. Together we can improve mental wellness and get more people involved in our craft!

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