Washburn Nickel Plated Squirrel Tail Block Plane

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I’ve had this Washburn Nickel Plated Squirrel Tail Block Plane for quite some time. It was marked as a Birmingham when I bought it, although I had suspicions at the time that was not correct. I’ve seen these marked as Birmingham and Union quite often. With a little help from some friends and the internet i think I’ve cracked the case wide open

It is 5″ long and the blade is 1 3/8″ wide.

Cassady-Fairbank Manufacturing Company

AMERICAN (CHICAGO, IL), C. 1910 – 1922

The Cassady-Fairbank Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Illinois, (name in the advertisement) which was consolidated with the Wire Goods Company, Worcester, Massachusetts, and the Andrews Wire Company and Iron Works of Rockford under one name, the Washburn Company, in 1922.

In a catalog for The Washburn Company of Worcester, MA, dated April 1926, most of their products were wire goods, i.e., hardware, kitchen equipment, utensils, etc. They also manufacture a large line of screwdrivers under the brand name ANDROCK.

One page illustrates Tools for Boys Tool Chests. These were manufactured at the Cassady-Fairbanks factory in Chicago. It includes the Tool Chest Plane illustrated. The description indicates they were only made in one size. At least we have some clue as to their Manufacturer.

  • Gristmill-Issue-77-December-1994

Here is a Japanned version—->

(My #SQ-010624-1)

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