Buckeye Saw Vice Company #4 Smoothing Plane

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I received these picture from a fellow tool enthusiast. From the collection of Chris Congleton.

According to PTAMPIA The Buckeye Saw Company was in business in some form from 1904-1923or 1929 and was also listed as Buckey Mfg & Foundry Co. John W. Gaede was listed as manufacturer They are originally know for the hand plane patented by John Muehl (US Patent: 775,378). Roger K. Smith believed John Muehl likely sold the patent rights to John W. Gaede.

This plane however is similar to the Bailey patent and was possibly manufactured after Muehl patent. There is not a listing for this type of plane listed in the Buckeye section of PTAMPIA.

The following is The original Buckeye Saw Company hand plane patented by John Muehl

According to Mark Stansbury, Buckeye Saw Vise Co. manufactured the Buckeye foot power hammer saw set, a bench-mounted machine, in 1910. The business began about 1905 with the J. B. Foote Foundry Co. of Fredericktown, OH, making Buckeye folding saw vises. Buckeye Saw Vise Co. was organized by 1910, when it first appeared in the Cleveland city directory. It was succeeded in 1917 by Buckeye Manufacturing & Foundry Co., also of Cleveland. The plant was destroyed by fire Aug. 2, 1917, and rebuilt at the same location, 2044-2050 W. 55th St. The office address in 1918 was 9401 Lake Ave. Plant superintendent in 1910 and 1917 was John Wesley Gaede. The Cleveland companies also made hand tools (outside the scope of this site) including planes, plane gauges, chain drills, hollow augers, emery wheel dressers, tool handles, and cabinet scrapers.

If you have additional examples of Buckeye Hand Planes or other tools i would like to show them here.

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