With My Own Hands – How To Restore a Vintage Hand Plane for Woodworking

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This book shows the authors years of experience restoring vintage hand planes. The processes shown are meant to be a way to get neglected and rusted vintage hand planes (and possibly other tools) back to to nice looking and great working conditions. It provides techniques that will allow you to walk through a vintage hand plane restoration and repair, along with general maintenance and tuning techniques required to turn your hand plane into a top performing tool. Making something old, neglected, rusty and unfunctional look nice again and bring it back as a functional tool can make you proud and can be extremely satisfying – especially if you’re lucky enough to find that old tool at a garage sale, a flea market or an auction at a very reasonable price. If you’re willing to invest a little time and elbow grease, bringing an old hand plane or similar tool back to good working order is a fairly straightforward and inexpensive way to add to your tool kit, especially if you’re just starting out and on a budget.

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