Cornell Willis & Co Hand Saw

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The stamp ( it’s not an etch) says Cornell Willis & Co
There maybe “wood & co” under Willis in the arch. Maybe it got stamped over or maybe there was another line.
There is a number 5 stamped in the center

Double Refined Spring Steel

And 3 stars circle the logo.

A New York made saw. They liked using stars around the die stamp. It has all the characteristics of one made at Sing Sing prison, domed steel nuts and what appears to be a Cuban

mahogany or beech handle.

It’s listed in the 1850 New York city directory as hardware merchants. Most likely made for them at Sing Sing.

Note the 1847 Directory lists “Cornell Brothers” as hardware dealers, and the1865 directory lists them as “Cornell, Willis & Carey”, so that brackets the probable date for “Cornell Willis & Co and their saw.

This has all the characteristics of one made by Cortland Wood or supervised by him. The nuts, the handle style, the model #,5, and the large stars.

Thanks to Mike temple and Rob Paul for the help identifying it.

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