Millers Falls and Hoosick Falls

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Roger  Smith sent the following pieces of history to me knowing my love for all tool history and knowing I live in Hoosick.

As you probably know, my primary collectable is vintage hand planes, but almost any woodworking hand tool may wind up here. I had to do research on the Hoosick Malleable Iron Works. I had never heard of it before. So a quick Google search led me to this and then here where I found:

“In 1872 Isaac Johnson, together with J. H. Whittemore of NaugatUck and W. S. Nichols, a brother-in-law and representative of Walter Wood, organized the Hoosick Malleable Iron Works at Hoosick Falls, New York.”

Knowing Millers Falls Company didn’t make hand planes in the 1800 doesn’t get me closer to finding a metallic plane made in my home town, but it does serve as a connection. So far the metallic plane closest to being made here that I own is a Steers which was made in Brattleboro VT.

The last time I talked with Roger Smith he pointed out a plane in his book that was manufactured in Pownel VT. Although a lot closer, it’s still a state away, and it’s a very rare plane. Elihu C. Dutcher made a plow (plough) plane in Pownel VT. Interestingly enough he was also the Town clerk in Pownal in 1838 and he was a Baptist minister. Roger has determined these planes were made circa 1844. It’s quit possible this would be the first metallic plow plane made in America.

I will need further investigation into how the Hoosick Malleable Iron Works at Hoosick Falls is tied to Walter A Woods, if at all, but it is stated that Walter A. Woods had its own malleable iron works. states that Wood Flong is in the the Malleable Iron Works plane of Walter A Woods, but the question is is it the Hoosick Malleable Iron Works, or another Malleable Iron Works?

The last image is of the Malleable Iron Works, but I still need to clarify if it’s the “Hoosick” Malleable Iron Works.



Hoosick Mallable iron post card