Birmingham Foreplane

Birmingham-Derby-Union-Stanley Hand Plane Transition

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The Birmingham to Derby to Union to Stanley transition intrigues me, so I’ve been reading and studying the different phases. I will update this page as information comes available.

1877-1880 Henry Foss and George Mosher produce planes from Foss’s patent that looked similar to Bailey  Tool Co.

1885 George Mosher  – The Birmingham Plane Manufacturing was incorporated.

1884 Mosher patented Birmingham Plane issued for this plane


Then came this style. Just a slightly different blade holding mechanism.

Birmingham Plane
Birmingham Plane

1891 Name changed from Birmingham to Derby. Birmingham was a community (is now Birmingham Greens) within the town of Derby.

Oct 1889 Mosher Patented the B-plane


Nov 1893 Hayworth patent was issued and those planes began production

Hayworth Patent
Hayworth patent

1900 Union Manufacturing Co bought the Derby

1900-1903 Union continues Manufacturing of the B-Plane (this was Unions first plane production)

——Now we start seeing a transition to Union like this

1903 John Carleton and George Trask is issued the patent for the 500 series transitional planes (similar to liberty bell)


1904 John Carleton and George Trask is issued the patent for the X series planes


After 1904 it is believed the B-Plane was no longer made and was replaced by the X series type adjuster in a bailey type plane.

earlyunionlat-copylateralwithbumpEarly Union #3earlyunionlat

1920 Stanley bought the Union plane co.

—-Now we see Union Planes with Union cast in the cap

Unions with “Union” cast in the cap were manufactured after 1920.

1942 is the last known listing for Union Planes

For more information on the Union to Stanley transition, see this page.

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