Standard Rule #37 (Upson Nut)

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Here is a Standard Rule #37 smoother I restored. This is an enormous size smoother if it was considered a smoother. The blade is marked Upson Nut, which was the company Standard Rule merged about 1888. They were in Unionville Ct.

The blade is 2 9/16” wide. Overall the plane is 13” long and a little over 3 3/8” wide at the widest part.

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This plane is before the 1889 lateral patent. This plane was manufactured under US Patent: 287,584

Patentees: Solon R. Rust – Pine Meadow, CT and Arthur E. Rust – Pine Meadow, CT, Granted: Oct. 30, 1883

StandadRule 37 -02StandadRule 37 -04StandadRule 37 -03StandadRule 37 -05StandadRule 37 -06StandadRule 37 -01

To show the size, here it is next to a Stanley #36

StandadRule 37 -07

As Bought

Standard Rume 37 before

More images of this plane —>

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