Millers Falls No.3

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A refined small drill with a smooth mechanism, comparable to a compact Millers Falls No.1. It has an arguably better bit storage handle that won’t come undone like the wooden threaded version of the No.1. However its un-equalised single pinion mechanism does not load up well, with the drill struggling to handle larger bits.

It is most suited to delicate and precise jobs where compactness and control are important over capacity. The added benefit of having a side handle coupled with being able to completely remove the main handle allows for extremely compact means of holding the tool.

Millers Falls No.3

Millers Falls No.3


  • Weight: 600g
  • Length: 290mm
  • Drive Wheel Diameter: 81mm
  • Chuck Type: McCoy’s Springless
  • Chuck Capacity: 5mm
  • Chuck External Diameter: 28mm
  • Frame: Steel
  • Handle(s): Hardwood
  • Mechanism: 1-Pinion
  • Special Features: Bit Storage Handle

Model Information

  • Dated: 1915 – 1921
  • Production Period: 1905 – 1933
  • Patent: unknown
  • Made by: Millers Falls Co., Massachusetts, USA

Millers Falls No.3 (dismantled)

Notes: The handle removal system is pretty unique. You have to first loosen a knurled collet (seen on the main frame of the drill above) and that push in a clip (which the collet was clamping so it could not move). Tts a much better system than in most Millers Falls drills serving both to allow easy removal of the handle and a large bit storage compartment.





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