Millers Falls No.13A

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There are relatively few examples of single speed breast drills, this being one of the few.

The No. 13 was an expensive drill in its time and was openly advertised it as such, Millers Falls Co: “really the most expensive Breast Drill in the market.” ( Indeed the build quality of the No.13A still clear today, the mechanism is very smooth and solid easily taking up heavy load thanks to there being nearly no play in the drive gear, which is in turn backed up by a solid 2-pinion arrangement.

The tool was intended for drilling through thick pieces of metal, something that would benefit for the extra speed that could be achieved with a high gear ratio of 4 1/2 to 1 ( The extendable handle allows a lot of power to be put in to this tool, indeed when coupled with the high gear ratio the potential power output the No.13A (and No.13) is quite possibly the highest of any breast drill available. This may surprise many initially as for a breast drill it is quite stubby (small).

Millers Falls No.13A

Millers Falls No.13A


  • Weight: 2.32kg
  • Length: 395mm
  • Drive Wheel Diameter: 143mm
  • Chuck Type: 2-Jaw
  • Chuck Capacity: 12mm brace bits
  • Chuck External Diameter: 35mm
  • Frame: Steel
  • Handle(s): Hardwood
  • Mechanism: 2-Pinion
  • Special Features: Large drive gear, single gear, extendable crank handle, spirit level on frame, Ball thrust bearing

Model Information

  • Dated: 1912 – 1917
  • Production Period: 1912 – 1917
  • Patent: unknown
  • Made by: Millers Falls Co., Massachusetts, USA

Millers Falls No.13A (dismantled)

Note: An often under valued drill, few people seem to know how good quality the No.13A is, this may be due to its initial appearance being reminiscent of cheaper tools.  Hence these often go for very little at various sales relative to other premium breast drills.








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