North Brothers “Yankee” No.1445

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A well designed hybrid, exactly what you would expect from the North Brothers Co.!

This No.1445 has a very easy method for changing gear, a 3 position selector switch which can be moved easily with a swipe of the thumb or finger; making a very satisfy “click” sound in the process.

The mechanism is solid and quite smooth, defiantly a high quality tool. However, as with so many North Brothers “Yankee” drills there are some teeth missing, specifically two on smaller gear on the drive wheel; thus the lower gear clunks regularly and it not pleasant to use. The higher gear performs flawlessly and one can assume the lower gear would too if not for the missing teeth making this a versatile tool suitable for most drilling tasks.


North Brothers "Yankee" No.1445 (gear selector)

Switch Positions:

– S – Stand for ‘Slow’, this puts the drill into its lower gear

– L – Stands for ‘Lock’, the mechanism locks allowing for the chuck to be adjusted more easily

– F – Stands for ‘Fast’, this puts the drill into its higher gear

North Brothers "Yankee" No.1445

North Brothers "Yankee" No.1445


  • Weight: 1.36kg
  • Length: 380mm
  • Drive Wheel Diameter: 101mm
  • Chuck Type: Protected Spring
  • Chuck Capacity: 12mm
  • Chuck External Diameter: 35mm
  • Frame: Iron
  • Handle(s): Hardwood
  • Mechanism: 3-Pinion 2-Gear, Ball Thrust Bearing
  • Special Features: 2-Gears, Lock, Bit Storage Handle.

Model Information

  • Dated: known to be in catalogs 1926 – 1931
  • Production Period: known to be in catalogs 1926 – 1931
  • Patent: AUG.23-10 JAN.16-12
  • Made by: North Brothers, Philedephia, USA

North Brothers "Yankee" No.1445 (dismantled)

Notes: The screw that operates the selector should not be done up tight, as this seems to jam the drill.

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