Millers Falls No.77

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This is a light weight standard hand drill.

As you would expect from Millers Falls it is well made, but is at the bottom end of the spectrum for Millers Falls drills (which is still better than most). Its small and light, but the gears are rougher under heavier loads though not as bad as other light duty drills.

Millers Falls No.77

Millers Falls No.77


  • Weight: 600g
  • Length: 320mm
  • Drive Wheel Diameter:
  • Chuck Type: Protected Spring
  • Chuck Capacity: 9mm
  • Chuck External Diameter: 25mm
  • Frame: Malleable Iron
  • Handle(s): Hardwood
  • Mechanism: 2-Pinion
  • Special Features: none

Model Information

  • Dated: 1938 – 1971
  • Patent: Unknown
  • Made by: Millers Falls Co., Massachusetts, USA

Millers Falls No.77 (dismantled)

Notes: The side handle is just stuck on a cylinder of metal, it will come off with force but the metal is fixed to the body.







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