Goodell Pratt No.5 1/2

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A truly beautiful tool from Goodell Pratt.

Like most hybrid breast/hand drills this offering from Goodell Pratt is designed to handle any and all drilling tasks. Its large enough and firm enough to do the job of a small breast drill while being light and handleable enough to be used like a normal hand drill. It has a very smooth mechanism, however changing gear is a bit fiddly as it will only do so in certain virtually random crank positions.

Functionally there are better hybrid drills about, however this is by no means a bad drill and that elegant design is a pretty unique.

Goodell Pratt No.5 1/2 (gear change selector)

Selector Switch Options:

– Fast – Higher gear

– Slow – Lower Gear

Goodell-Pratt No.5 1/2

Goodell Pratt No.5 1/2


  • Weight: 1kg
  • Length: 370mm
  • Drive Wheel Diameter: 115mm
  • Chuck Type: Standard Spring
  • Chuck Capacity: 10mm
  • Chuck External Diameter: 33mm
  • Frame: Malleable Iron
  • Handle(s): Hardwood
  • Mechanism: 2-Pinion 2-Gear Equalised, Ball Thrust Bearing
  • Special Features: 2-Gears, Bit Storage Handle

Model Information

  • Dated: 1911-1948
  • Production Period: 1896 – 1948
  • Patent: MAR.31.1896
  • Made by: Goodell Pratt., Massachusetts, USA

Goodell Pratt No.5 1/2 (dismantled)

Notes: So easy to loose the ball bearings while dismantling!




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