From Mark H Robinson’s Collection – rasps, rifflers, floats and files

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For cool tool Tuesday, I found myself thinking about rasps, rifflers, floats and files…

When you make small things, you need small tools for shaping and refining the form. Swiss pattern precision files will do the job nicely, and there are none finer than Grobet, who have been in that business for over 140 years.

Here is a small sampling from my set of user files – almost all Grobet, although there are a couple from AM Swiss too. These files are not ‘antique, vintage or classic’ like most of what you will see on my feed, but they are exquisitely well suited to their task, exceptionally well made, and an absolute joy to use. They are also great value for money, I get them typically for $5-$6 each (although some of the more exotic profiles can be more expensive). Each profile helps in shaping different elements of complex curved surfaces.

The background, for those that care about such things, was carefully selected to complement this post, in that it comprises antique and vintage Stanley boxwood pattern maker’s shrinkage rules from the vast archive.






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