G Davies Infill Plane Restoration

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This plane weighs in at 3# 13oz

It is 2 58″ wide. The base is 7 3/4″ long and 9 3/8″ with the tote overhang

Some time ago I got and infill from an LJ friend Jamie asking me if I wanted an infill plane that needed some love. Of course I couldn’t resist and a short time later I received the package in the mail.


Now it is true he told me it needed some love, and he made it a special note to add a lot of love, but I didn’t think he meant this:


But OK, challenge excepted.


It turned out the infill was held in with ground off screws. A bit of a challenge to remove.



The infill seems to be English Beech covered with some kind of plastic. A quick internet search on the G. Davies stamped on it brought me to a plane maker in Birmingham England some were around 1821-1876. I also read he sold out to Marples.



W. Marples marked on the chip breaker.


Thankfully my son-in-law is a welder, and with some prodding, I convinced him he could weld cast. He did a little research, learned to pre-heat and slow down the cooling, and what a great job he did.


I replaced the screws with some brass pins. And here is the results on some Ash.


So I ordered up some epoxy and put the pins in permanent.


If I find more information on the maker (G. Davies) I will post it here. Also Any information on what the plastic like substance might be would be much appreciated.

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