Dating Sargent bench Planes – 400 Series Type 5400 Series

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Sargent Type — — 5400 Series

Type 5400 series…………….(1907-1910)

The 5400 is a Type 2 or Type 3 that Sargent corrugated prior to them becoming VBM.

If a Sargent plane is a type 2 or a type 3, and it’s corrugated, we believe it to be a 5400 series. This is assuming it meets the criteria of a Type 2 or Type 3 like the correct lateral and the thin casting.

In the 1907 updates to the Sargent & Company 1901 Catalog, a new catalog listing of bench planes was shown. This new listing was for a new option for their bench planes. They were identical to the # 400 series of bench planes, except that corrugated bottoms were now offered.

The new catalog number was not marked anywhere on the plane. It is only a catalog reference. The 5 prefix would indicate that the # 400 series plane is corrugated. To be able to recognize these planes is the scope of this article. The following points are what make a Sargent # 5400 series plane.

As we stated at the beginning of the study, although the 5400 series was first published in 1907(in the 1907 insert in the 1901 catalog [David E. Heckel “Sargent Planes Identification and Value Guide”}) It’s now our thought that they started manufacturing around 1905 or 1906, which explains why we see 5400 series planes with both laterals






Here is my #5424




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