Stanley Type 7

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Type 7      1893-1899

All features of TYPE 6 except Bailey’s name & patent dates eliminated from adjustment nut and cap iron.
*Adj. nuts in most planes of this type have left hand threads.
Q. Trademark with patent date on all irons in planes of this type.
U. Spacing of number marking now 1”
*   S” markings on castings (Code letter for sub-contracting foundry, name unknown)

(TimeTestedTool note – I’ve read that many collectors now believe the “S” stands for the Sessions foundry which is a foundry Stanley used in Boston)

**Low front knob
**Plane Size Cast in Toe in front of knob
**Plane Size Numbers spaced further apart
**”Bailey” Not Cast in bed
**Small depth adjuster nut (1”)
** “S” cast in frog, lever cap and/or bed
   **Most have left handed depth adjuster nut
   **Keyhole shaped hole in lever cap
**No logo on the lever cap
**3 patents and “STANLEY” on Lat adjuster
“2-8-67” “10-21-84” “7-24-88”

     The first corrugated sole came out in 1898

  **Note: An “S” cast in the bed indicate a type 7.  

The letter “S” cast into the frog, lever cap, and/or bed is likely the mark of the Sessions Foundry, who contracted with Stanley to produce their castings.


Based on Rogers Smiths PTAMPIA Vol 1


I restored a type 7(?) #7. It fits the descriptions of a type 7 with everything except it has right handed threads. Right handed threads went out with the type 5, which is a different frog style. I’m a bit intrigued. Anybody ever seen right handed threads on a later plane.

Addition Stanley Type 7

Stanley #4C Type 7 Smoothing Plane

Stanley #4C Type 7 Smoothing Plane

Stanley #4C Type 7 Smoothing PlaneCompletely disassembled and lightly cleaned and oiled.Furniture waxed.Just sharpen and go More Stanley type 7 Examples (my #4C-082823-2)
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  1. I have a no. 4 1/2 with S casting on the sole and cap iron, three patent dates on the lateral adjuster. The frog and lever cap have “nibs” and a 1″ right hand depth adjustment nut without Bailey or patent date. As I live in NZ and as far as I know I’m the third owner and the last owner had it for 70+ years without changes, I think it came like this

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