Stanley Type 6

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Type 6      1888-1892  

All features of TYPE 5 except has new style lateral with circular disc. Patent dates stamped on lateral 2-8-76, 10-21-84, 7-24-88.

— Q.    New trademark on irons of models manufactured in 1892 and later. Variation of this stamp with patent date in smaller letters is probably the earliest of the two.
— CC. Frog receiver now has two grooves cast across top in line with frog screw holes.
—S. Number now cast with larger spacing.
*Bead eliminated at base of front knob.
*Sides noticeably lower.
— DD. Change in handle design.

**Low front knob (No longer beaded)
**Plane Size Cast in Toe in front of knob
**”Bailey” Not Cast in bed
**Small depth adjuster nut (1”)
**Left handed depth adjuster nut
   **Depth adjuster nut stamped “BAILEY’S PATENT”…
**Keyhole shaped hole in lever cap
**No logo on the lever cap
**Circular hole in cutter now at the bottom of the slot.
**Frog receiver now has two shallow grooves parallel to sides
**3 patents and “STANLEY” now on Lat adjuster
“2-8-67” “10-21-84” “7-24-88”

   **Note: 3 patents on the Lateral Adjuster AND the absence of the “S” casting would indicate a type 6. 

Note these pictures show a beaded front knob. On most type 6 the bead has been eliminated.


Based on Rogers Smiths PTAMPIA Vol 1

Additional Type 6 examples

Stanley #4 TYPE 6 SMOOTHER

Stanley #4 TYPE 6 SMOOTHER

STANLEY #4 TYPE 6 SMOOTHER According to PTAMPIA The Stanley-Bailey Type 6  was    1888-1892 This Plane is completely tuned sharpened and tested Note some minor pitting. See photos and feel free to ask any questions. SEE THE PHOTOS AND FEEL FREE TO ...
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