Stanley Type 4

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Type 4      1874-1884

All features of TYPE 3 except that these are now equipped with the standard full size frog as TYPE 2. Tip of “Y adjusting lever no longer rounded.

— Frog receiver is enlarged but still low & milled smooth. The number 73 cast in bed behind frog receiver is apparently just a foundry’s casting code because #2’s of the same vintage have the number 71 cast here.
*Flat head cap screws now used to hold frog.

* #5 thru #8 have rounded edge on front of raised receiver for handle.

**No Lateral Adjuster
**Low front knob
**Bead at base of knob
**Plane Size Not Cast in bed
**”Bailey” Not Cast in bed
**Small depth adjuster nut (1”) recessed
**Depth adjuster nut stamped “BAILEY’S PATENT”
…2 patents

Aug 31 1853,    Aug 6 1867

**Right handed depth adjuster nut
**Foundry numbers – “73”,”71″ cast in bed etc.
**Circular hole in cutter at the top of the slot.
**Keyhole shaped hole in lever cap
**No logo on the lever cap
**Flat headed frog screws
**Back to one piece frog



Based on Rogers Smiths PTAMPIA Vol 1

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