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STANLEY #37 Transitional – Type 9 Jenny (MY #37-081017-12) $96  (includes US shipping)

STANLEY  #37 Jenny plane 13″L, 2 5/8″W, 5lbs, 1870-1923.

excerpt from – “The name “Jenny” is unique to this plane. Since this plane is slightly shorter than the metallic jack plane, a parallel naming was taken from the asses (donkies). “Jack” is a commonly used when referring to the male donkey, and “Jenny” is a name sometimes used for the female donkey. The jenny is smaller than the jack, hence the naming of the planes. All of this is really conjecture, but it sure provides some filler for an otherwise bland series of planes.

This plane also has the step in the wood, with the cast iron frame following the contour of the wood, though not as pronounced as the #35 and #36. This isn’t a very common plane, but Stanley saw fit to offer it for some 50 years.”

The rosewood tote was original to my knowledge to this plane, at least it was on it when I got it. I did the tote repair.

I have not tuned this plane for use. If it’s intended to be a user and not a collection piece, I will leave the tuning to the new owner. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much, I just didn’t see a need to tune it if it’s going into an unused collection.


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STANLEY #37 Transitional – Type 9 Jenny (MY #37-081017-12) $96    (includes US shipping)

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