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STANLEY #21 Transitional  – TYPE 6 (MY # 21-081017-1) $92   (includes US shipping)

Stanley #21 Smooth plane 7″L, 1 3/4″W, 2 1/2lbs, 1870-1917

The smallest of the Stanley transitional planes, this is similar in size to the Stanley Bailey #2.

This plane has the Eagle logo which Started in 1869 and went to 1886.

I have not tuned this plane for use. If it’s intended to be a user and not a collection piece, I will leave the tuning to the new owner. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much, I just didn’t see a need to tune it if it’s going into an unused collection.


(US Shipments ONLY)

STANLEY #21 Transitional – TYPE 6 (MY # 21-081017-1) $92 (includes US shipping)

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