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Millers falls #900 SMOOTHER (MY# 900-123117-4) $48           US Shipments ONLY


This took a lot of work. The sole was out of flat quit a bit more than average. Note the sole still has a dish in the back part but the requires spots are coplanar and it’s ready for smoothing.

The blade seems to be of decent quality and once tuned, its an ok working plane.

Note the casting finish on the frog. It was rough and took a substantial amount of work to get it flat.

We see the typical Millers Falls overspray and the frog seats were painted. A little sandpaper took care of that.

The overall finish of this plane is pretty poor from the factory. This one is tuned and ready to work. It could be repainted if desired to improve the looks, but the performance issues I’ve already resolved.

I didn’t go crazy with the cleaning, so there is still a few specks of gunk here and there, and a few minor spots of rust, but it’s in an “oil it and go” condition if that’s what you choose. If you wish to shine it up, its up to you. The price is reflecting of the current condition..

The wood is the original hardwood and finish. They are in good shape and have not been cracked or repaired.

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