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Gage #4 Smoother (my# Gage4-030318-1) $79 .. (includes US shipping)

This plane is basically as found, It’s in really good shape and will make a good user or collection piece.

Note I have 2 of these, but with a different kind of wood for the body (I will give a discount if you buy both)

John Gage was issued his patent No. 323,804 on Aug 4th 1885. The Gage tool Co in Vineland NJ only made a wood based transitional plane. When Stanley bought the company in 1919 they started producing the metallic planes.

This particular plane is a little different than the other Gage planes I’ve seen. It doesn’t look like beech. It’s been suggested it may be apple. Please see the photos and decide for yourself

IMG_20180303_115856669_thumbGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherIMG_20180303_120704101_thumbGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherGage #4 SmootherIMG_20180303_120520681_thumbIMG_20180303_120335652_thumbIMG_20180303_120438081_thumbIMG_20180303_120459000_thumbIMG_20180303_120511451_thumb



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