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PATENTED TRANSITIONAL & METALLIC PLANES IN AMERICA, VOLUME II.. Roger K. Smith, 1992. 8 1/2 x 11″, hardcover, 400 pages. Over 450 photos–44 in full color. Over 50 pages of new information on Stanley and Bailey planes. Planemakers up to 1960 including Millers Falls, Shelton, Vaughan & Bushnell, Phelps, etc. List of Brand names and all known U.S. plane and spokeshave patents. ALL NEW INFORMATION (Not a revised Vol. I.)

(P-TAMPIA II is the abbreviation for the above book. This abbreviation is used as a reference in many tool sale lists and auction catalogs.)

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Reprint of the 1923 Stanley Tool Catalog …  $15.00 plus $5 shipping


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STANLEY TOOLS, 1923, SET OF 16 FULL-COLOR PRINTS. 9″ x 12″. Same as in 1923 catalog, except printed on heavy glossy stock with wide borders for framing. Includes boxwood rules, zig zag rules, iron and wood levels, bevels & try squares, framing squares, braces, Bailey & Bedrock iron planes, wood bottom & block planes, special- purpose planes, Nos. 45 & 55 comb. planes, hammers, screwdrivers, Everlasting chisels and mitre boxes.

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