Goodall Hand Planes  (post what you have, pictures, comments and questions)

According to PTAMPIA Samuel I. Goodall manufactured planes from 1894 to 1896 in Philadelphia PA.. He made both metallic and wood bottom planes.

Stanley bought them out in 1896 to eliminate the competition.

This self setting type is what I would call their claim to fame. A self setting type similar to the Gage.

They all have a nut on the rear tote.


They made two types of this simpler plane one with a blade adjuster and one without. These are very similar to the Stanley Defiance line (which didn’t come out unto the 1930’s)


Goodall-in-box  (this picture of the Goodall in the box is thanks to



And they also made a plane with a Bailey type frog. The frog and lateral along with the base has a striking resemblance to a type 2/3 Sargent frog but with the folded lateral.

The difference is the cap. Instead of a lever, it uses a cap screw.




After doing the research for this article, I’ve convinced myself the unknown plane I’ve had kicking around for several years is a Goodall prototype. The front knob, the rear tote, the blade and the frog retainer all have resemblances to close to be coincidental.


If you compare the cap on the unknown (on the bottom or the right in the pictures below) it to is exactly the same.