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Some Info

  • Buyer pays actual shipping cost.
  • Offers and trades always welcome.
  • If you need more information or want to see more pictures feel free to ask…….. (US Shipments ONLY)
  • #4 and #5s fit in a medium flat rate box $14
  • A single block will usually fit in a small flat rat box. $5.35.
  • A #6 through #8 will fit in a large flat rate box. $19.00.
  • For Anything larger or multiple items contact me. or email timetestedtools AT hotmail . com

*Shipping POLICY* Please read. USPS hasn’t been very dependable. I strongly suggest insurance. Its about $5 per plane. If you choose the insurance I can guarantee the shipment to your door. If not, once it leaves my door, its up to you to fight with them if they loose or break it.

I can’t always keep this list up to date and often have a few items in the works. Contact me if you are looking for something in particular and its not listed.

Please Read before making a purchase.

Here is a list of planes ready to go. I’ll post more picture if you need them. If its marked restored its been stripped and repainted with multiple coats of Dupli-Color Engine Enamel DUPDE1635 Ford Semi Gloss Black spray paint. Feel free to ask any questions.

    • Unless otherwise marked, the iron has been hollow ground on an 8” or 10” aluminum Oxide white wheel, then honed on a hard oil stone.
    • Back of the iron edge will be polished (the cutting edge only)
    • Sole is flat to a working degree.
    • Frog has been flattened (flattened, not polished. Polishing effects cutter slippage)
    • All restore and tuned planes have been tested.
    • Planes marked “As found” are as I found them.
    • I do NOT verify the sides of the planes are 90 degrees from the sole. If you plan to use the plane for shooting, check with me first.


Misc Stuff


Stanley #42 Saw set  $40

I believe its complete.




I have 1 of these Egg beater type hand drills left. $35 each

From left to right

A Millers Falls #2   (Sold)

A Gooddell Pratt

An the last one I can’t find a marking, but it has to be from a quality manufacturer. The quality is as good as he other two if not slight better.  (Sold)



Xion Egg Beater ….$9

As found. Complete. Needs cleanup.

Marked XION, Germany

Needs a new knob for crank.



General 810 Sharpening Guide. … $35

As found. See photos.

WP_20130902_011 WP_20130902_012 WP_20130902_013r WP_20130902_014 WP_20130902_015


Fulton Bit Brace……8” sweep…$6

WP_20130901_043 WP_20130901_044


Dunlop Bit Brace……10” sweep…$8

WP_20130901_034 WP_20130901_035